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An Artist's Touch

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  Alonzo awoke at dawn as was the usual custom in the communal houses. He rose quickly and headed toward the showers along with several of the others. He then donned a short white silk robe, tied the belt and padded down to the dining room.

  As they ate hearty meals, an attendant called out the assignment of work for the morning. Alonzo wolfed down a plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, gulped down the fresh pineapple juice and rose to his feet, eager to start the day. Going back to the dormitory room, he dropped to the trunk in front of his bed and pulled out clothing. Knowing he would be apprenticing with the artist colony today, he chose a particularly colorful cock sleeve, knowing it would please the artmaster.

  First, he pulled on the figure enhancing flesh-colored tights, opened at the groin to display his cock. He masturbated for a time, drawing his erection to full staff. The cock sleeve was made of soft, pounded leather dyed crimson red. It was stamped with a swirling design in gold and black, enhancing the length and breadth of his prick. Slowly he sheathed his flesh. The material fit tightly, molding closing to his shape. A gold-fringed tassel dangled from the end. He slipped the slender laces beneath his balls and back up and around, tying it at the root of his tool, holding the sleeve securely in place.

  After the ceremony of initiation he had been fitted for a number of sleeves such as this, just as he had been for the dildoes and cock rings, and the sundry of other pleasure toys included in his trunk. All had been designed specifically for him. He always carried an assortment in his personal bag for the pleasure of the authoritarians in their afternoon trysts.

  Next, he pulled on the caramel-colored leather vest, snapping the gold chains into place, and finally slipped into the leather sandals. Picking up a brush and mirror from inside the trunk, he set the mirror on a stand and proceeded to brush his long hair until it shone in the light. Pulling out a piece of rawhide, he tied a shank of it back into a neat ponytail to keep it contained away from his face. Finally, he was ready.

  He walked out of the room along with several other Initiates, each adorned differently, but all fashioned in a way to display their maleness in a complimentary fashion. There should be no embarrassment of manliness, no hiding of their beautiful, prominent assets from the eyes of others.

  This was a part of the training–to be proud of their manhood and suffer no shyness in such displays.

  Alonzo walked along the street, up an incline, toward the artist colony at the other end of the city. It was located in a quiet, secluded area. He gazed up into the morning light and his attention was arrested by five golden towers residing on the cliffs above the city. He was there. The one who had taken him the night of the initiation ceremony. One of the great ones. Nothing could make him forget that night; it was forever etched in his memory.

  The Island Lords didn't often come into the city proper; there were royal attendants and companions who handled their errands, attended meetings, and reported back. It was strictly during formal ceremonies that anyone had contact with the Ancients. Or when summoned to the towers. One day he would be there, Alonzo assured himself.

  Coming to the top of an incline, to the quiet section of the city, he arrived at the fenced entrance to the artist colony. After checking his vest and his hair, and adjusting the leather sleeve, he knocked on the gate. He waited, hands clasped behind his back. Slowly, the gate opened. Linus, the head artmaster stood before him.

  Alonzo bowed his head. "Good morning, Artmaster. I am here to apprentice, as requested. Do with me as you will." This was the regulation greeting of an Initiate to the man of authority of the day.

  "Excellent. Come in." Linus stepped back to allow Alonzo to enter. "You look well today, Alonzo. It's always a pleasure to have you serve us here in the colony."

  "Thank you, sir. It is always an honor to serve."

  Alonzo followed Linus down a stone walkway to a small garden shed. He stepped into the shadowy interior and Alonzo followed. "Please hang your clothing here today. You will model for us. Leave the sleeve on. You chose well today, it enhances your assets nicely. It will make for a good painting session today. The others will be pleased. Meet us outside when you are ready. You will pose in the garden today. It's too beautiful a morning to be inside. The rainy season will be upon us soon, so we must take advantage of this good weather."

  Alonzo's chest expanded at the compliment Linus had given him on his appearance. There were times, like this when he truly enjoyed being a Receiver and submitting to the whims of the authoritarians. Sometimes it made him think about staying a Receiver. And then there were other times he knew he wanted more. He was treated well here, had everything he could possibly want. It was indeed paradise and who could possibly want for more?

  He hung his clothes up carefully, adjusted the sleeve gloving his cock and stepped outside into the sunlight. He saw where the easels were set up and walked toward them. Linus saw him and motioned for Alonzo to join him.

  "Gentlemen, Alonzo will be our model this morning. I know how much you enjoy his attendance." Alonzo hear the murmurs of pleasure as he walked over to join Linus in front of a fountain. Several of the others crowded around him.

  He felt hands on his shoulders, moving over his biceps, another hand clasping his cock. He felt his penis expand at the touch, felt moisture seep from the slit. The hand stroked over the leather sensuously and it took all his self-control not to come beneath the pleasurable ministrations. He looked at the artist whose hands were on him and saw in his eyes the challenge. He wanted Alonzo to orgasm, to embarrass himself before these artist.

  Knowing that, Alonzo refused to lose his self-control. He would show them he could stand up to their pleasurable perusal.

  It was Linus who put a stop to the torture. "Enough. Let me position him and we will begin." He waved the others away as he turned to Alonzo. He looked down at his cock and smiled. "You enjoyed their attentions, your prick had grown in just the few moments. He stroked over Alonzo's biceps. You have a beautiful physique, Alonzo." He drifted his fingers through the silky thatch of curling hair surrounding Alonzo's penis.

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  Alonzo, like all the men, attended the barber's establishment on a regular basis. Some of the men waxed and shaved all the hair from their bodies. Alonzo accepted only a trim and some shaping. It seemed to please the authoritarians–they liked his rugged beauty. His cock throbbed at the attentions of Linus, bursting to explode.

  "You are a stallion, Alonzo. You need to run. What a joy it would be to sketch, watching you run with a herd. You should request time at the royal stable."

  Alonzo knew of the stable. He had yet to be assigned there. He wasn't sure it was something he would enjoy. But it was possible he could be wrong. He might request an assignment there one day. He would talk with some of the other Initiates who had served there.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  Linus tugged at his nipples, drawing them more erect. He then pulled the rawhide tie from his hair and fluffed the locks around his face.

  "Gods, you are indeed a wild beauty, aren't you? No wonder you are in such demand." He moved closer. "One day, Alonzo, when you have reached the level of consent, I wouldn't mind allowing you penetration rights. Oh, to be fucked by such a primal animal as you would be a wild ride." He stroked Alonzo's cheek. "Yes, indeed, one day, my fine young stallion."

  He stepped back and surveyed Alonzo. "Shoulders back, head down. Ah, yes, just like that. What a warrior you are. Perfect. One of these paintings done today will end up with a fine collector on the mainland. Excellent." He turned and strode to one of the easels.

  Some of the goods created on the island were sold to special collectors. The money was then deposited into special accounts for use in purchasing products for the island. Currency, as used on the mainland, held no value on the island. Here, it was hard work, intelligence, and pleasure that held value. Respect and power came through achievement and following the laws of the island.

  There were some, upon completing the cycle of initiate, who returned to the mainland to serve. They chose not to drink of the waters of immortality and instead served in the capacity similar to that of missionary or humanitarian to third word countries after their training. Alonzo could not imagine leaving the island. But then he'd never had that calling.

  As he stood there beneath the heat of the morning sun, he tried to remember his last days on the mainland. Although time wasn't measured formally here, he surmised it had to be about five or six years since he had come to the island and agreed to its rules of authority.

  He understood the need to begin at the bottom and to learn the ways of this world slowly. But there were times when it was difficult. He wanted more.

  Droplets of water from the fountain sprayed across his overheated body and it felt good. He thought of Linus and his talk of penetration. He had not thought of penetration in that fashion for quite some time, pushing it from his mind. And it would be some time more before he was allowed the luxury of feeling his cock gloved in a tight ass again. The last time had been on the mainland with his lover. It was the night before he left and they had fucked through the night, knowing it would be a very long time before Alonzo would know that particular pleasure again.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  At first it had been difficult to control his urges, but slowly he had become accustomed to being a Receiver, of knowing pleasure at the hands of others, offering pleasure to the men of authority with his own body. It was a gift of submission, an understanding of respect. A number of newbloods had already left, unable to accept the role of submissive. But Alonzo knew there were newbloods who had gone on to become men of authority with the dominant role of penetrator. Those who preferred the position of Receiver usually accepted the position of attendant or companion to the authoritarians.

  There were days when Alonzo wanted that power, and others that he thought remaining a Receiver was fine with him. Like the night with the Ancient, or during the afternoons he spent with Cassius. He liked how these powerful men made him feel beneath their hands. And he wanted to please them.

  But Linus's inquiry had made him think. And remember what it was like to top, to penetrate and feel the pleasure pulsing through his body. It made him yearn for that position once again, although he knew it would be some time before he had that particular pleasure. It was a sacrifice he had willingly made to come to the island. And he did not regret it.

  He returned to the present as he heard Linus's voice. "Enough for today." He called a halt to the session. He strode over to Alonzo. "You have done well and I am pleased with your performance. I shall send a note to the head of your house commending your service today."

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  Alonzo stretched in an effort to ease his aching muscles. "We are done?"

  "The painters are done," Linus amended. "The potters have requested a bit of your time. They have new molds to make and wish your presence. I have promised them a bit of your time. Go into the shed and remove your sleeve, then we shall proceed to the potter's shed."

  Alonzo jogged across the grass, glad for a bit of exercise, slowing as he approached the shed. Stepping inside, he untied and slowly peel the sheath from his bulging member. His erection had not lessened during the time he spent with the painters. In fact, it felt more engorged, a fiery red, bloated with unrealized pleasure. At the first opportunity, ready to explode. He stroked along its length and hissed at the intense sensation. Gods, what he wouldn't give to fuck someone, anyone, right this minute. He needed relief. But he knew that probably wouldn't come until the rest period after the noon meal.

  He walked back outside and joined Linus. They then walked together toward the potter's shed. At the open door, they halted and Linus peered inside. Alonzo knew he would be getting a vigorous workout from the potters. He had attended them several times before. Today, he would enjoy an afternoon's nap by the waterfall. He hoped there were no requests for his time this afternoon. He had a feeling he wouldn't be up to much after this workout.

The Exile: A Seductive Tale by Adrianna Dane

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pearls of the Brotherhood

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