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Afternoon Pleasure with the Joymaster

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  He often came for him and took him back to his apartments at the top of the gaily painted joyhouses he managed. Alonzo had a special spot in his heart for Cassius. After all, he had been the first to penetrate him and for that alone he had his loyalty. He had not been rough with him as he heard some had been.

  Cassius always removed the cock sleeve while Alonzo was with him. Not all of them did, it was not necessary for the authoritarians to do so in order to receive their own pleasure. But Cassius was all about the pleasure–giving and receiving. What Alonzo was always certain to receive from him was a firm hand job, bringing him quickly to orgasm. Alonzo would then take the specially designed cock ring from his personal bag and hand it to Cassius, who would apply it to his softened penis. He would then stroke him to a more powerful erection, so thick and red, filled with pulsating blood, his cock stretching to unimaginable proportions and sensitivity. Then Cassius would remove the ring, and stroke Alonzo's pride with his words of approval and flattery.

  Alonzo enjoyed the powerful sensation more than he could says and was thankful to Cassius for his attentions. He would willingly do almost anything Cassius required of him. Except agree to train as a joyboy. Maybe that's why Cassius was so taken with him and sought him out each month.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  After he had come powerfully once more, Cassius would take him into the bathing room and they would immerse in the warm, steamy water, fondling each other, sucking and kissing for at least an hour of intimate bliss. They would dry each other off and then Cassius would apply the seductive makeup of a joyboy to Alonzo. The black eyeliner and blue shadow to define his eyes, a hint of blush to define his high cheekbones. He applied the fragrant oils to his body, heightening Alonzo's every sensation. He would comb and braided the sides of his long, black hair in the seductive manner of the joyboys Cassius and the clients of the joyhouse found most appealing. He would then paint Alonzo's cock with the flavored powders, sometimes crimson, or purple, or a deep mauve. The soft paintbrush would drive Alonzo crazy with desire. Then he would paint his finger and toenails to match and sprinkle them with glitterdust. Finally, he would attach the clamps to his already sensitive nipples.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  Cassius always took his time with Alonzo, firing his lust to a fierce, hot blaze throughout the afternoon. He would slowly prepare Alonzo's ass for his deep penetration, oiling him well, as thoroughly as possible, taking a long time to ready him. Priming his hole for Cassius' deep penetration. He would sprinkle the copper spark dust over his cheeks, adding definition to his finely muscled ass. Alonzo's ass cheeks would glisten wetly, enticingly, by the time Cassius was done, the scent of cinnamon and sandlewood permeated the room.

  Cassius would stand back admiring his work of art, making Alonzo stand and display his work, turning round and round, thrusting and bending. Then he would lean forward and plant a passionate kiss on the painted lips of his afternoon lover.

  "You are such a beauty. What I wouldn't do to keep you here. Come with me," he would whisper. He would draw Alonzo along the corridors to the viewing rooms where they would watch some of the joyboys with the authoritarians. Alonzo's cock was never soft when he was in the company of Cassius. There was too much to arouse him. And there were the oils and herbs assuring him of full erection for the length of the afternoon.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  "Take your position as Receiver." Cassius would push him toward the glass as they watched a coupling. Separating Alonzo's cheeks he would slowly penetrate Alonzo's anal entrance. Bit by bit opening him wide to his invasion. Cassius' prick was long, not as thick as some, making his passage easier in some ways. But he also went far deeper than any other, making Alonzo fully aware of his possession, feeling the end of his prick touching his soul. As he penetrated fully, they watched the coupling beyond the glass.

  As Cassius assumed deep, penetrating strokes, he played with the clamps on Alonzo's nipples and Alonzo moaned with sensations of the stinging pain of deep, raw pleasure building inside him.

  "Look at yourself in the reflection of the glass," Cassius growled in his ear as he tugged on one of the clamps.

  Alonzo hissed at the gut-deep sensations it instilled. He saw himself, the made up, glamorous image of a joyboy looking back at him, eyes filled with lustful need. Cassius' possessive hands tugged at his blushing nipples, his cock burning his ass, sending erotic sensations throughout his body.

  He felt opened to this man, by this man. Needy to please him in all ways. The thrusts grew faster as Cassius ground into him.

  "I love you, Joymaster," he shouted, unable to help himself. He did love him with all his passion in that moment. There was no one else but the Joymaster and the pleasure he experienced at his hands.

  He heard the soft chuckle of the Joymaster behind him. A hand was removed from one of his engorged nipples, moving up to stroke his hair. "Of course, you do," he soothed as he pumped his seed into Alonzo's greedy hole.

  They stayed like that for a long time as Cassius stroked Alonzo's quivering body until he was once again calmed. Finally, Cassius slipped from Alonzo's ass, making him feel empty and he shivered.

  "I love you," he whispered again as they walked back into the Joymaster's bedroom, leaning his head against Cassius' shoulder, an arm around his waist.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  It was his turn to care for Cassius. He walked to a basin and picked up a cloth to bath his cock clean. After he dropped the cloth, Cassius pushed him to the floor and took him again from behind. And then once more, on his back, on the bed before they both fell into an exhausted afternoon sleep entwined in each other's arms.

  These were some of the best memories, Alonzo had. Being held by a powerful pleasuremaster such as Cassius was rapture.

  A long time later Cassius removed the clamps from Alonzo's reddened nipples and Alonzo moaned as hard, aching feeling returned. He brought Alonzo to climax once more, brought him back to hard erection, and then replaced the cock sleeve. It was time for Alonzo to return to the dormitory.

  He never allowed Alonzo to change his appearance before taking him back and signing him in. Cassius had told him it pleased him for others to see the beautiful young man and know he had been possessed and loved by Cassius that day and his mark was upon him. He hoped one day to change Alonzo's mind about becoming one of his special joyboys. He would be particularly well pampered and spoiled if he would agree. Cassius never gave up trying to convince him, always showing him what he would be missing.

  It wasn't that Alonzo was not tempted by Cassius' offer. He was indeed. And he did love the possessive Joymaster. Especially after an afternoon spent in his arms. But then he would gaze up at the golden towers on the rims above and he knew there was something more in store for him. He just wasn't sure what it was.

  Cassius always left him with a passionate farewell kiss and a sharp slap on his ass. He smiled. "To remind you, Initiate. Until next month."

Creative Commons License. Flickr.com

  Alonzo always felt sad as he watched Cassius walk away and his willpower would waiver, wanting to call him back, to say he would be his joyboy, but then something would stop him and the moment would pass.

  Decked in the finery of the joyhouse, he headed into the dining room to join the others. He saw the covetous looks of the others as he entered. Most did not receive the same attention from the Joymaster–only Alonzo and a couple of select others.

  But they all knew, as Alonzo did himself, that of the Initiates, Alonzo was the favorite. Which was why his fall from grace had been so devastating.

pearls of the Brotherhood

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