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The Potter's Shed

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  The potters' shed was at the back of the enclosed colony, residing on the bank near the river. Alonzo followed Linus, who left him at the open door after calling in to the man of authority in charge of this part of the colony.

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  "Alonzo is here. Make the best of his time." He turned back to Alonzo. "You were a good model this morning and held your form very well today. I'll be sure to commend you to the authoritarian of your house."

  "Thank you, Artmaster. I appreciate the recommendation."

  Linus nodded and turned and left.

  Alonzo looked into the darkened area of the shed. He had been here before and knew its layout. The potters worked the Initiates hard, much more intensely than the painters. He knew the stone wheel they would spread him on was to the far right of the room. If he did well, they would let him orgasm at the end of the session.

  "Alonzo, back here," a voice called out. It sounded like Basil, the manager of the potters' workshop. Basil had very good hands. They were warm, callused, and very knowledgable.

  Alonzo walked into the back room. Basil was there, along with two other men, all up to their elbows in wet clay. Basil glanced up and smiled. "It's good to see you again, Alonzo. The molds we created last time you were here have all sold extremely well."

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  He straightened and turned toward Alonzo, wiping his hands on his apron as he did so. Then he put his hands on his hips and surveyed Alonzo top to bottom. "You look good today, my boy. We should get some nice casts from you." He turned back to the others. "Continue with what you are doing while I get Alonzo ready to apply the clay." He looked at Alonzo. "You know the routine, come with me."

  Alonzo knew he would be in for an hour or two of pure torture. Pleasurable torture to be sure, but still torture. If he managed to maintain his self-control, he would be rewarded at the end of this session.

  "How have you been?" Basil asked him conversationally. One thing about the potter was that he did like to talk.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com.

  Alonzo climbed onto the cold stone wheel and lay on his back. "I've been fine, sir. I continue to learn a great deal." One of his arms was drawn up at an angle away from his head and fastened into place with a leather cuff. Basil walked around to the other side.

  "That's good. Any second thoughts about being on the island?""

  He pulled Alonzo's other arm up and fastened it quickly, then moved around the circle to his legs.

  "None, sir." The few he had entertained certainly weren't worth mentioning.

  Basil stretched his leg to the side as far as it would go and Alonzo felt the pull of his muscles as he was opened and bound. Quickly, Basil moved to the other side, doing the same with his other leg.

  The one thing about the wheel is that it made him feel totally vulnerable to whoever walked into the room, to whatever they wanted to do to him. He had absolutely no control whatsoever.

  Basil moved to Alonzo's head and brushed his hair away from his face, intently studying him. Alonzo felt like he was beneath a scientist's microscope–a minute particle.

  Basil nodded. "Yes, we'll be casting your face today as well. You have a certain exotic beauty that men enjoy looking at over and over again." He stroked the tip of a finger over a high cheekbone, down his acquiline nose, tracing the line of his lips.

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  Alonzo didn't move, simply stared into Basil's eyes as he touched his face. He felt his cock throbbing, seeking attention, felt the liquid seep from the tip. Basil's gaze shifted, sliding over his chest, down to his groin and Alonzo saw a look of consideration there. He turned his gaze back to Alonzo's face.

  "I'd enjoy making you come right now, but that would spoil the effect of the cast. Later, if you manage to contain yourself."

  "Yes, sir. Thank you."

  "You really are very submissive, aren't you?" He fingered Alonzo's nipples, arousing him, drawing them into tight buds of sensitive need. "I wonder what it would take to break you of your good manners? One day maybe we'll find out." He pinched a nipple and Alonzo gasped and jerked, his hands balling into tight fists. Basil smiled and straightened away. "There's passion beneath all the control, isn't there, my boy? A lot of passion. How long can you last keeping it locked inside you? Have any of the authoritarians unleashed it? I wonder."

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  He didn't wait for an answer, and Alonzo was thankful for that. He had to wonder. Basil made him consider. In his time on the island had he ever lost control? In his life at any point, had anyone made him lose it? None that he could remember. What would it take to make him grovel and beg. He wasn't sure it was something he wanted to find out.

  Oh, he had told Cassius he loved him in the heat of their passion, but still he had maintained some level of self-control. He shuddered to think that someone could shatter and reach down inside him to take that last bit of self-preservation from him.

  His attention was draw back to the room as Basil returned with several others carrying heavy pails of mud. He brought his mind back to his position on the wheel. He must maintain his self-control throughout this ordeal.

  "Coat him thoroughly," Basil instructed the two men. "I will return shortly."

  The cold, wet mudwas thoroughly spread over him with knowledgeable hands. It seemed like forever as they tortured them with their exquisite touch. Part of this procedure they did for their own pleasure, the mud covering his body, was almost a beautification ritual. They coated every inch of him except for his face, cock, and balls which left their image in stark relief against the grayish-brown mud cover the rest of his body.

  Then they wrapped those parts that remained with plastic, eye holes cut into the material, as well as a way for him to breathe. And then they applied the plaster for the casts. He remained motionless as they went about their work.

  The world went dark and all he had left was his hearing and an inhibited sense of smell.

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  "I have brought one of the painters. He will memorialize the beauty of this moment. An icon in the making," he heard Basil say.

  The quiete surrounded Alonzo. It seemed he was encased in a world far away. They spun the wheel slowly, helping to dry the plaster and mud on his flesh and disorienting him. There was one moment of panic and then his mind broke free of his body as he lay there, soaring above them all, gazing down at the stationery body bound to the stone slab. It was almost a state of euphoria that descended over him. A sensual state of being, yet not. He felt almost mummified by the experience, submissive beyond the normal state he was used to.

  His body softened and he accepted his state, slowly drifting into an almost drug-like cocoon of well-being. He thought he could stay there forever, drifting just above reality.

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  He had no idea how long he floated above his body in that place of bliss, time had no meaning for him. And then he was pulled back to consciousness as the face mold was removed and he inhaled sharply as though having been brought back to life. He blinked rapidly attempting to assimilate his surroundings.

  The mold was removed from his cock and cold water splashed over him as the majority of the mud was washed from his body. He shivered at the contact, his penis deflating at the sudden shocking awareness.

  He still felt he was somewhere between worlds as he felt the bands loosened from around his wrists and ankles. Four sets of hands helped him to sit up. A mug was pressed against his lips.

  "Drink this," Basil directed. "Rest for a moment to get your bearings. I understand the experience of the wheel is...unsettling."

  Alonzo's hands shook as he accepted the mug and gulped down the refreshing wine, which helped to revive him a bit. He handed it back to Basil, feeling more himself.


  "Yes, sir. Thank you." He exhaled deeply, feeling more in control.

  "Do you think you can stand?"

  Alonzo shifted from the wheel to stand unsteadily. "I'm fine."

  Basil handed the mug to one of his assistants. Then he tool Alonzo's arm and led him out into the sunshine. He turned to look at the men. "I'll be back shortly." Alonzo's eyes teared at the blinding sunlight. He halted for a moment to get his bearings.

  Basil led him down to the river. Shedding his own clothes he walked Alonzo into the cool water. "We'll get the rest of the mud washed off you."

  Basil stopped him as they reached a level where the water was at their groin. He began to cup water and sluice it over Alonzo's body. Then Alonzo felt Basil's hand on his cock, rubbing and stroking him back to full erection.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  "You deserve a reward for your efforts this morning." He studied Alonzo. "You still have an otherworldly look about you. You reached the point of bliss didn't you?"

  Alonzo thrust against the grasp on his prick knowing orgasm was not far away. "Yes. I've never felt anything like it before. I-I didn't want to come back," he admitted just as he shuddered with a powerful climax and hunched forward.

  Basil caught him beneath his armpits. "Not many reach that point–they are too panicked by the feeling that they will suffocate and fight against the feelings. But you–you were a pleasure to watch. I could almost feel your soul rising from your body. You visibly relaxed into the feeling." He led Alonzo from the water onto the cool grass.

  "On your knees, Receiver," he whispered into Alonoz's ear. When a man of authority addressed an Initiate with that title, he knows what is expected. He would be penetrated.

  Alonzo dropped to his knees quickly and spread his legs, unquestioning of what would come next. In truth he wanted to be penetrated by this man. Basil had shown him another facet of himself, that he could be made to yield in ways he never would have believed. Taken him to a place of calm happiness he had not understood existed. If he could give Basil a moment of happy release, he was pleased to do so.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com

  He felt the tip of Basil's cock at his puckered hole. "You are perfection, Alonzo." The wide tip passed through the outer ring of muscle. "You have defined your role. Do you really think you want to be a man of authority, rather than a Receiver? You have shown yourself beyond content with your position." He shoved his prick deep, a thrust of domination, burying himself deep inside Alonzo's colon.

  Alonzo arched back, accepting the possession of the potter, feeling every inch of him buried inside his body. He felt so softened by what he had experienced in the potter's shed, so needy to submit his will to the potter. He felt Basil's hand grip his hair and pull his head back. Felt the potter's lips against his cheek. "Think where you would enjoy service best, Initiate. You have experienced what I can offer. I can give you more of that. Make you truly the man you are meant to be."

  Alonzo moaned as Basil began to dance inside his ass, the aching friction driving Alonzo's passionate surrender deeper. In this moment he wanted to be owned by this man, wanted what he offer. Just as he had with Cassius in the heat of their passion.

  "I love you," he couldn't help from crying out.

  Basil thrust once more, pouring his seed into the vessel that was Alonzo. Alonzo heard his grunt of approval as Basil collapsed over Alonzo and they both fell prone to the earth. Basil stroked Alonzo's hair as he pulled free of his body. He patted Alonzo's ass and then moved away to dress.

  He looked down at Alonzo who had rolled to his back, trying to catch his breath and to realign himself with the here and now. He looked up to meet Basil's firm gaze. "Think about it, Alonzo. Think hard about your next step." He reached out a hand and helped Alonzo to his feet. "I hope you've learned something of yourself today."

  He truly had He did indeed love the way Basil had made him feel. In the heat of passion he would have given Basil anything he desired. He had loved him with that kind of intensity. He still felt its effects as he returned to the shed to retrieve his clothing before going back to the communal house.

  As he left the gates behind, he walked back down the incline heading for the dormitory, his stomach rumbling, glad it was near time for the noon meal. In a sense he felt refreshed by his experiences this morning. But again, it had muddied his ideas of where his future lay on the island. Another hidden facet of himself exposed. But what did he do with it?

  He was submissive. He reveled in the feeling of being possessed by a powerful man. But was that all there was to it? He now understood the reasons for the lengthy term of service as an initiate. In some ways he was more confused than ever. Then he looked up at the golden towers on the cliffs beyond the city.

  Cassius? Basil? Or the unnamed Ancient who had offered him nothing more than one night of powerful, dominating passion? Did he wait for something that would never be offered to him? Had the Ancient possessed him on a whim? Never meaning it to be more than that? Would he ever find out?

  His eyes teared at the vivid, blinding light shed from the sunlight illuminating the towers. Obviously, there was still more to learn.

Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com Creative Commons License.  Flickr.com


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