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Excerpt from Above The Clouds

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  Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl: Above the Clouds by Adrianna Dane

Alonzo stood, staring for a long moment at the image of Master Phelix beneath the light spray of water raining down over him from the makeshift shower. Sunlight shining through the tree branches made the water droplets glitter like stars. Hard muscle gleaming beneath water, broad, manly shoulders. Back defined and tapering down to a solid waist, and a nicely fashioned ass with deliciously defined cheeks that just begged for attention. The Master had a rather compact athletic frame. He stood at ease, head tilted back, eyes closed. He turned, hands raised and splayed against his soaped-up hairy chest. Alonzo couldn't take his eyes from the man's hands as they moved downward, sliding through the short dark wet wiry mat of fur toward the thick jutting cock, slick with spray, soon encircled by the frothy, soaped meaty hand.

It came to him just for a moment that he'd never seen Wetham in such a...vulnerable position. Nor had he desired him in the same way as he did Master Phelix.

Though something about the two men's personalities seemed similar, their physiques were entirely different. Wetham had been more of a gentleman in his make-up--softer, more refined. Master Phelix was decidedly more of a man's man--more like the savage beasts that roamed the jungle. The lord had always been very vigilant when Alonzo was around, even when it came to his bathing rituals.

There had never been one instant in Lord Wetham's company when it had not been necessary for Alonzo to be at all times on his best behavior. One small error in judgment would lead to the cruelest of punishments. Both men demanded only the very best from those who served them, although they had different ways of achieving it. But this moment here with Master Phelix was as unguarded as it might have been if he were with one of the other initiates. There had never been one unguarded moment with Wetham. Ever.

"If you expect to bathe off some of that sweat, you'd best get moving. The water is not endless. So make it quick."

The equalizing moment was lost. Master Phelix was not an initiate, and they were not on equal footing. Alonzo hurried to enter the shower enclosure. The water felt cold and bracing and he shivered.

"Turn around," Master Phelix said. Once Alonzo had turned, Master soaped and scrubbed Alonzo's back quickly. He made short work of soaping between Alonzo's crevice, barely brushing over his anus, before the pleasant sensation vanished.

"Turn again." Alonzo faced him. And again, Master Phelix soaped him, his slippery wet hand sliding up and down Alonzo's cock, beneath his balls, up over his chest. And hardly before Alonzo could think about asking to come, the shower was ended as the water stopped and only lingering droplets dripped from the nozzle above. "I told you it would have to be quick. But at least you're clean now. Back to the other room, this air will dry you quickly enough."

He was slick and wet, his body slippery and aroused. The shower had been invigorating, and Alonzo's blood pumped hotly through his veins as he re-entered the living area.

"How long have you lived here, Master?" Alonzo couldn't help asking the question. The place was such a curiosity to him. A house in a tree. How utterly fantastic. He never would have imagined such a thing.

Master moved over to a cupboard and opened the door. Inside was an array of multi-colored glass bottles. He lifted out a translucent green one.

"Longer than you've been alive. It was provided by the Obscurants. They are the ones who allow me to remain here."

Some bit of glimmer caught Alonzo's attention and he glanced upward, barely making out the impression of what he thought looked like a brass telescope.

"Go up if you like," Master Phelix suggested. "It will give you a good view of Eros. You'll be able to get a look at where you're headed. I like looking at the stars. I'm a bit of an enthusiastic stargazer--when I have the chance to come here, that is."

Alonzo wasted no time in clambering up the ladder. Everything about this dwelling held some bit of fascination for him. This was Master Phelix's private lair and it was a glimpse into the inner man. Alonzo didn't plan to waste this opportunity.

The platform wasn't large, more like the crow's nest of a ship--enough room perhaps for a man to navigate and not much more. He moved toward the telescope and was surprised to see how close the top of the Titans seemed by gazing through it. And then he felt a presence behind him.

"That's where we'll be going?" Alonzo asked.

"Yes." The trailmaster's voice came from right behind Alonzo. His warm, callused hands pressed against Alonzo's back. They were slick and Alonzo scented the palm oil, which was probably contained in the bottle Master Phelix had withdrawn from the cupboard. "It will be a steep climb, but on the other side, the city will be waiting for you."

The city. Just at the moment, Mannos seems so far removed from his reality. Nor did it remain at the forefront of Alonzo's mind at the moment. His concentration was fully centered on Master Phelix's hands kneading his back. And then he almost lost his breath and he could no longer see through the telescope as his mind had gone inward to absorb the sensations being elicited from his body.


Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #6: Above The Clouds

Now available from Amber Allure.

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Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #6: Above The Clouds. Available from Amber Allure.

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