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Excerpt from Lessons Learned

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  Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl: Lessons Learned by Adrianna Dane

Alonzo followed them and hovered in the undergrowth near the waterfall watching them, ever the outsider--Master Phelix and Krispin. His ass flexed instinctively as he felt the phantom power of Master Phelix's thrusts inside his channel, filling him deeply. His hand was wrapped around his cock as he watched them. Silk flesh flushed with ruddy arousal, so sensitive, so needy.

Master Phelix's ass muscles clenched and unclenched as he stroked powerfully into Krispin, while water poured down over them, their bodies bright with an ethereal glimmer, as the rays of the golden sunlight made the water sparkle and turned Master Phelix's skin to gleaming liquid gold reminiscent of the precious metals in the goldsmith's shop that Wetham frequented.

Alonzo heard Krispin grunt as Master Phelix thrust into him again. His big, powerful hands rested on Krispin's slender shoulders. Alonzo took a deep breath, and jerked his hand up and down the engorged length of his erection. His testicles drew up, pre-cum leaking.

Master Phelix buried his cock inside Krispin, and remained fully embedded, their bodies fused together, locked in place by Master Phelix. Alonzo stopped breathing, his hand halted its rhythmic beating, yet still clutched around the stiff broadness of his prick. They hung suspended in time, water slipping down, skimming across the men, Krispin's head tipped back, eyes closed, mouth agape.

Master turned his head, cocked it slightly. Alonzo clenched his ass, feeling the screwing of that cock grinding into his ass. Master Phelix's hips rolled, his ass muscles flexed. His thigh muscles bunched. Alonzo could even see the pale indentations in Krispin's flesh as Master Phelix's broad fingers pressed deeper into Krispin's shoulder.

This was another lesson in patience and self-control.

Master shifted. He turned Krispin, until Alonzo was presented with full frontal, Krispin's cock fully erect, jutting toward the sky. Smooth, wet skin, cleanly shaved, nipples erect. Master pried Krispin's fingers from around the root of his cock, and pulled both his arms up and back, clasping them at his nape. Krispin looked mouth-watering in that pose. And the look on his face was one of aroused adoration. Master Phelix slid his hand down the length of Krispin's body clavicle to sacrum. He smoothed a hand over Krispin's hip, flattened it across his groin, pressing rhythmically with his fingers, not quite touching his cock or balls. Again, Alonzo held his breath. And then Master Phelix looked right at the spot where Alonzo remained hidden.

He cupped Krispin's testicles, then slipped his hand around the root of Krispin's erection. Alonzo had no doubt in his mind that Master was offering Krispin to Alonzo.

Alonzo stood, facing the two men. Master nodded. Alonzo stepped toward the falls, knowing what Master Phelix desired. Nor was he surprised that Master Phelix knew he was watching.

When he got to the slippery rock, he dropped to his knees in front of Krispin and took him into his mouth. Master's fingers brushed against Alonzo's jaw as he released Krispin, allowing Alonzo greater access. Krispin didn't last long and it was mere seconds before Krispin shot his seed into Alonzo's eager orifice.

"You may go back to the camp, Krispin," Master Phelix said as he stepped away from the replete initiate.

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." Krispin hurried away.

Alonzo still knelt on the hard wet stone awaiting direction. He watched Master Phelix clean himself beneath the falls. His back was turned away from Alonzo, and Alonzo took the opportunity to admire the breadth and hard muscular physique of his mentor.

"When will you have me?" Alonzo blurted out, unable to stifle the words. He'd had all of the others, and at least one, Parker, more than once, so the story went. But Alonzo not at all and Alonzo didn't think he could bear it much longer. He did everything for Master Phelix--everything that didn't involve fucking or sucking, that is.

Master Phelix stilled. He turned slowly, his body wet, his cock still hard. He stared down at Alonzo without speaking.

"My apology, Sir." Alonzo rasped the quickly spoken apology out, unable to bear the disproving scrutiny.

"Are you questioning my authority, boy?" Master Phelix asked softly, his eyes hard as the wet granite of the rock he stood upon.

Alonzo gulped. Stupid boy. He bowed his head. Patience. Self-control. He had shown none of those qualities in his outburst. "I'm sorry, Master. I misspoke."

"Yes, you did. Come forward."

Alonzo started to rise.

"No. On your knees. Come here to this rock and spread yourself across it."

Alonzo felt a faint flicker of hope. It was his greatest wish to give all of himself to this master and yet so far he'd been thwarted in his desire.

"Raise your arms." Once he had done so, Master Phelix grabbed his wrists and yanked him forward across the flattened rocks. He pulled until Alonzo was spread across the wet stone, tiny sharp nubs digging into his skin. His aroused cock was crushed painfully against the rock and yet he knew he dared not complain.

He stared down at the rushing water, waiting. Praying whatever punishment was to be meted out would be over soon. His wet skin was likely to make the chastisement all the more painful, be it by hand or rod.

Not knowing only served to sharpen the uncertainty. Was he to receive a thrashing for his lack of self-control? It wasn't like he shouldn't expect it.

Alonzo jumped when he felt hands on the backs of his thighs. Powerful hands that yanked him open. And then he felt the cockhead at his puckered entrance.

"This is what you want, isn't it Alonzo? Randy boy who can't do without a cock in his ass. Never let it be said I'm not a master who won't give his boy what he wants."

Alonzo dared not look around to see who was behind him, but he had a good idea. Disappointment bled through him. He felt the bite of the stretch as the cockhead breached his opening. A fiery burn shot through him, ass to groin as the man filled him. Disappointment was quickly supplanted by gut-deep arousal.


Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #4: Primoridal Impulse

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Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #5: Lessons Learned. Available from Amber Allure.

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