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Excerpt from Newblood Initiate

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  Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl: Newblood Initiate by Adrianna Dane

Alonzo smelled the man's salty sweat, scented the aroma of tobacco, mingled with the smell of exotic spices, perhaps from the cargo now residing in the hold of the ship. "Aye. Mayhap I spoke too kindly of the land. Too many fond memories steeped by rum. I didn't think you'd be changing your mind, but thought I'd try. You'll be a fine prize on the isle, mark my words. You'll not want for attention, I'd bet you that. Have a care you don't overplay the hand. Too cocky and you'll find yerself back aboard the Starry Night and begging me to take on your service. Ah, then, one last night before you abandon me for a randy young buck's Eden—at least for now." The captain reached down to press a hand against the bulge in Alonzo's trousers. "You know I'll make it worth your time."

Rum, a taste of cinnamon, and a fine hearty meal were likely in store for Alonzo. Followed by a fast hard fuck, one final taste of the captain's short, fat cock, and then the captain and the Starry Night would be a memory tucked away for long lonely nights. Although he'd been assured there would be few of those on the island once past his initiation.

"More stories, sir?" The man's stubby, thick fingers pressed against Alonzo's rigid prick, foraging for his prize. He was certainly a lusty man, often sending for Alonzo more than once a 'tween sunrise and sunset to share a mug or two of rum&ldots;amongst other diversions. Always tempting the younger man with stories of sea monsters, or island ceremonies, or young virile mermen. And Alonzo was pleased to serve the most important man on this ship.

The sea voyage, though arduous and long, was not as boring as Alonzo thought it would be. The captain, having taken a liking to him, in the afterglow of lovemaking would often regale Alonzo with the traditions of the island, making him all the more eager to embrace the island life he had longed for on the mainland. Oh yes, Alonzo pleasured the captain well and enthusiastically. There was no one here to reproach him, to gaze at him aghast as he dropped to his knees to take the captain's member into his mouth, fondling his testicles just the right way to make the old man hard. Never losing patience, always giving the man as much attention and time as need be. And he would give the wizened salt one more night of that passion before he bid his temporary mentor adieu.


Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #1: Newblood Initiate

Now available from Amber Allure.

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"The descriptions of Alonzo's thoughts, including [h]his own own acknowledged ambition, as he adjusts to island life is well done. I am interested to see where it goes from here as the intro hooked me with his exile..." --Tam, Brief Encounters



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Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #1: Newblood Initiate. Available from Amber Allure.

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