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Excerpt from Primordial Impulse

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  Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl: Primordial Impulse by Adrianna Dane

Alonzo stood, legs spread, arms extended as Helmer bathed him with the cool water, as Master Phelix watched. Alonzo closed his eyes beneath the tan linen kerchief affixed over them, luxuriating in the sensation of Helmer's hands on his body, roaming at will across his skin with his wet fingers. Alonzo, his hearing sharply tuned by the covering across his eyes, heard Helmer cup more water with his hand, and then Alonzo sucked in breath and his ass muscles clenched as Helmer dribbled the cold water along Alonzo's spine. Wetness dripped down along the natural ravine of Alonzo's crack.

Helmer pressed his hands to Alonzo's back and smeared the water with lush strokes down and over his ass. He dipped between Alonzo's cheeks with the fingers of one hand. He dribbled more water down across his opened crevice, over his exposed anus.

"Ahh." The exclamation came from Alonzo in a rush of breath.

The initiates had taken to their environment and no longer wore clothing of any sort. They had been imbued with a certain savageness, with the only harness to civilized behavior taking the form of Master Phelix's commands and Abel's direction.

Alonzo's cock engorged, bobbing stiffly. Blood rushed through him like the wildness of a rain-swollen river as desire and lust throbbed through Alonzo's body unchecked. There was a crunch of twigs breaking and leaves crushing as Helmer moved in front of Alonzo. A whoosh of air, a puff of hot, moist breath, then Helmer dropped to his knees and gave earnest attention to Alonzo's cock and balls. First he used his hands, fingertips brushing from root to tip. The light scratch of a nail along the slit. Then cold water dripped onto the slit, oozed with delicious slowness down the length of Alonzo's prick. Helmer's fingers pressed beneath the knob, trickled more water onto the slit, then smeared it wetly across the head. Slick and hot, Helmer's fingers slid all too easily over Alonzo's genitals--all too expertly. The excruciating touch was meant to make Alonzo beg for relief.

"Perhaps this will teach you patience, Helmer," Master Phelix remarked. A rustle and scratch of fabric against bark signaled to Alonzo that he leaned back against a tree. After so long a time in the jungle, Alonzo could imagine the stance he took, arms crossed over his broad pelted chest as he watched the two men closely.

Alonzo thought perhaps it was a lesson he was to learn as well because right now the firm command on his control was certainly showing cracks. Helmer was very, very good considering how headstrong the man always seemed when placed in a similar position to that which Alonzo now held.

Helmer had been warned time and again to hold his orgasm until Master allowed him to release. And time and again Helmer had spent before the signal had been given. Much too obviously he'd refused again to accede control to Master Phelix. He was now forced to serve each of the initiates with no similar service accorded to him. And absolutely no caning, spanking, or whipping allowed until he learned to rein himself in. With anyone else it might have been a relief. But not with Helmer. Master Phelix was quite aware how much Helmer enjoyed pain and thus withheld what he most desired. Instead he forced him to yield differently, with pain serving as his reward.

Thus, after days without reward or release, never being allowed even to relieve on his own, Alonzo didn't think he'd ever seen Helmer quite so obedient and determined to please Master Phelix.

Today was to be a day of rest. They were not to travel but would relax, shore up their supplies, and generally have a moment of respite from the grueling challenges of traveling through the jungle. But rest meant different things to different people. And what mattered was what a day of pause in forward momentum meant to Master Phelix.

This morning the others--David, Parker, and Krispin--had been sent out with master's apprentice, Abel, to forage in the forest for food and other such items that might be of use. This left Master Phelix, Alonzo, and Helmer together, back at camp. Alonzo was more than happy to be Master Phelix's instrument in applying Helmer's penance.


Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #4: Primoridal Impulse

Now available from Amber Allure.

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Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #4: Primordial Impulse. Available from Amber Allure.

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