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Excerpt from Trailmaster Phelix

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  Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl: Trailmaster Phelix by Adrianna Dane

It didn't happen as he might have expected. Master Phelix had a way of keeping Alonzo off-base. The Trailmaster was a hunter, a tracker, and in his element in these surroundings. The hunter-tracker never did quite what was expected. At least what might have been expected of a civilized man. He set a grueling pace, pushed each of them until at night they dropped, exhausted, barely able to set up camp as the Trailmaster barked his orders, and Abel enforced every last command.

They were days into the trek through the jungle, Master Phelix had shown them how to wield the machete to cut through the ground cover, and now it was often one or the other of them who took the lead.

It had been the end of the first night, after they'd eaten the dried meat and hard biscuits for their dinner, that Master Phelix had begun his lessons on where to find water. He spoke of the insects and other poisonous plants that were more of a danger than larger predators, and he talked of what was considered edible.

There was much to learn for young men who had for the most part never been beyond the tame parks of civilized cities and tramped through the walkways of caged animals at the zoos. This was a much more life-threatening experience. Although some survival techniques had been taught by the squires, there was still much to absorb from Master Phelix and his apprentice.

Each night the men were taught to examine each other closely for bite marks or cuts received from some of the sharper edged leaves and branches they passed by. Where necessary, ointment or other medicines were applied to stave off infection in the moist climate of the tropical forests where bacteria could lead easily to infection.

This was the environment in which the men would be required to survive, but even the city could expose them to dangerous infection. Best to learn now the vigilance required for survival. Do it or die, was Master Phelix's motto.

Every attention was given, one to the other, in the evenings and early mornings, to bodily care in almost excruciating, sometimes surprisingly pleasurable fashion. The danger of the forests almost added a carnal, albeit primitive edge, to the attentions given and received by the men. At every turn the men were met with one form of peril or another. All of them hovered at a fine edge of awareness. For Alonzo, that edge seemed in some ways delicious as he seemed more keenly aware of every sight, sound, and smell in the lush vegetation.

One evening it was up to Alonzo to forage for water. His machete in hand, which by now seemed almost an extension of his arm, he found several bamboo trees and began to hack away at branches.

"The cut should be clean. You're making a mess of it."

Alonzo stilled, then turned and dropped to his knees onto the carpet of moist vegetation.

"Apologies, Master Phelix." He stared at the ground, focusing on the decaying leaves, scurrying insects, a green iguana peering up at him with reptilian eyes, which then turned and scampered toward a twisted liana surrounding a sturdy tree trunk.

"Get up."

Quickly Alonzo rose to his feet and waited, his hand gripped tightly around the handle of the machete at his side.

Master Phelix spun him around, then yanked him backward, fusing Alonzo's back to the master's chest. Master Phelix's big, meaty hand clamped onto Alonzo's more slender bicep, then slowing traveled down the length of his arm, his hand finally coming to rest over Alonzo's fingers curled around the machete handle.

"Will you take instruction, boy?"

Alonzo felt the full, broad length of the master against his back. His hard cock pressed against Alonzo's ass. Alonzo had yet to service this master sexually and he couldn't help licking his lips in anticipation of the event. Adrenaline rushed through his veins. His cock engorged with the flow of blood marking his arousal. Perhaps now Master Phelix was ready to make use of him as more than a servant to carry his backpack.

It had been days now since Alonzo had had any form of real connection with another man. He'd watched as the other initiates attended to each other--Helmer with Krispin, Parker with David. David to Abel, and then Abel attending to the Trailmaster. Master Phelix's attentions to any wounds Alonzo had, were only cursory at best, and quickly completed.

This was the first time the master had touched him so intimately, and Alonzo began to tremble beneath that welcoming familiarity.

"Whatever you wish to teach me, Master, I'm more than willing to take instruction." His words came out breathless, his need so keen.

Master Phelix's other arm clamped Alonzo to him, his hand biting into Alonzo's abdomen with a firmness that had Alonzo hard as rock in anticipation of intimate possibilities.

"Do you miss being fucked, Alonzo?"

"Yes, Master." Please fuck me. Right now. He wanted to say the words out loud, but didn't.

"I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to sample you at the ceremony." He drew both of Alonzo's arms together over the handle of the machete. "Grip like this. Make your movements smooth and deliberate, put your weight into it. It's not the same rhythm required for cutting underbrush. Make sure the object of your attentions knows you mean business and that you are skilled enough to attack the limb and get the job done to a satisfactory conclusion."

The master's mouth was now near Alonzo's ear. He could feel his breath, hot against the cusp. He scented sweat and jungle. He heard the rustle of leaves and vines, indicating some small, perhaps deadly creature nearby.

"I-I have some skill, Master. I promise you, I can perform quite--quite satisfactorily."

The master's hands gripped tightly over Alonzo's.

"You have big hands for a gentleman, boy. What did your father do for a living?"

"You want to be a gentleman? Stupid boy. You're common folk. Don't think you'll ever rise to the level of your betters. A common boy meant to do uncommon tasks. Do you really think you have a future in doing anything other than servicing men like me?"

Alonzo blinked, focused on the bamboo tree with the mangled branch. He saw a gecko, and then he saw the boa, its wicked reptilian eyes trained on the gecko. Alonzo dropped his gaze to the empty clay jugs lying on their sides beneath the tree.

The machete dropped to the ground. Master's hand splayed across Alonzo's chest, possessing him, fusing him more closely to his larger body.


Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #3: Trailmaster Phelix

Now available from Amber Allure.

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Tales of the Midnight Pearl Brotherhood #3: Trailmaster Phelix. Available from Amber Allure.

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